Here are some sites where you can find additional information.

Sites in English

The fantastic logic of Marcel Aymé

A brief yet good introduction to the intimate connections between reality and fiction in Marcel Aymé's work.

The man who could walk through walls

A translation of Marcel Aymé's most famous short story "Le passe-muraille" by Karen Reshkin. What is happening when you can get through walls ?

The ration ticket

A translation of Marcel Aymé's short story "La carte", where it becomes obvious that time can be a scarce resource.


Yet another translation by Karen Reshkin telling the story of a very good man trying to get rid of his light halo always floating on the top of his head and causing him some troubles in his daily life.

Sites in French

Société des Amis de Marcel Aymé

The official site of the association of Marcel Aymé's friends. It presents its activities, provides a more comprehensive bibliography with the detailed content of each collection of short stories, and some articles about Marcel Aymé.

Le dossier "Marcel Aymé" du site

A series of interviews with connoscienti of Marcel Aymé provides insight into his readings and his views on justice, sexuality, as well as a description of his life in Montmartre.

Le dossier de l'emission "Un siècle d'écrivains"

With Céline's opinions on Marcel Aymé and a zoom on the writer's daily life.

Sites in other languages

Cadernos de Marcel Aymé

A portuguese blog with critical comments on the latest publications about the writer.